Facilities Department

The Facilities Department oversees building, renovations and modifications, to include projects approved by voters through an Education Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (E-SPLOST). As part of managing the facilities, this department handles all security alarms, video surveillance cameras and fire alarms covering more than four million square feet of buildings. 


Tennis Complex

Tennis Complex




About Our Department

Facility Planning
Facilitates the preparation of the State 5-Year Facility Plan, Develops needs assessment, Track County/Student Growth, Planning and Placement of Future Schools, Development of Building Specifications.

Capital Outlay
The Facilities Department manages and administers all construction and E-SPLOST projects while working in conjunction with architects, engineers, and contractors to ensure local stakeholders the best value and students a sound learning environment.

Facility Systems
Maintain and upgrade fire alarm devices, Maintenance and monitoring for water-based fire protection systems, Security systems including burglar alarms, CCTV, and Building Access Control.

Energy Management
Active energy monitoring to reduce unwanted utility costs, Actively seek ways to reduce energy costs without interference with classroom environment and safety.

Research and Development
Continually researching new technologies to improve the teaching and learning environment in a cost-effective manner.

Space Inventory
Continually updating an inventory of use of space as well as graphical building schematics, Emergency Evacuation plans for all facilities are developed in-house.

Document Management
The Facilities Department maintains a catalog of blueprints on paper and electronically for each construction project. Some of the prints date back to the building of the 1925 Perry Consolidated School.

Forrest Walker

Director of Facilities

478-988-6200, ext. 1578




Facility Use/Rentals

For more information on facility use and rentals, please contact the Facilities Department at 478-988-6246.

All facility requests need to first be approved by the principal of the school (facility) before it will be reviewed by the facility committee.