Central Registration Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an appointment to register my child?

Yes, please see our Central Registration webpage, https://www.hcbe.net/centralregistration, to schedule an appointment.   We accept walk-in appointments based on availability; however, expect a wait-time as scheduled appointments take priority.


Who may register a student?

Only a child’s legal parents or guardians may register the student.



What is required to register a student?

The following items are required for registration:

  • Parent/guardian photo ID
  • Certified birth certificate, passport, or other proof of age
  • Guardianship/custody orders if the child does not live with his natural parents
  • Two Proofs of Residency:
    • Lease or current mortgage, plus one of the following:
      • Utility bill (electric, water, or cable bill showing service address - current within 30 days, or connect order if just moving in)
      • Property tax statement or income tax statement (current year)
      • Automobile registration or insurance (current)
      • Mail from any government agency (current)
  • Social Security Card or waiver
  • Ear, Eye, and Dental Screening, Georgia Form 3300 – within 30 days of enrollment (military compact honored); available from a GA licensed doctor, any GA Health Department, or RAFB clinic for military
  • Immunization Certificate, Georgia Form 3231 - at enrollment (military compact honored & other GA schools 30 days); available from a GA licensed doctor, any GA Health Department or RAFB clinic for military or a notarized Affidavit of Religious Exemption (available at Central Registration).
  • School records and last report card, if transferring from another school system. 


I do not have a copy of my child’s birth certificate.  How do I obtain a certified copy?

Contact the vital records office in the state where your child was born to get a copy of their birth certificate.  Find links for individual states and territories at www.cdc.gov/nchs/w2w/index.htm.  Follow the instructions for requesting copies and paying fees.  If you need a copy fast, ask about expedited service or shipping when you place your order.   


For your convenience, we have also provided direct links to the Houston County Probate Office, Georgia Department of Vital Records, and VitalCheck below.  VitalCheck is a fast and convenient way to order vital records online from all states; there is a small processing fee for this service. 

• Houston County Probate Court: (478) 218-4710, www.houstoncountyga.com/government/probate-court/

• Georgia Department of Human Resources/Vital Records: (404) 679-4701, health.state.ga.us/programs/vitalrecords/birth.asp

• VitalChek: www.vitalchek.com/

I do not have a copy of my utility bill.  How do I obtain a copy?

Contact your utility company or print a copy of your most recent e-bill.  Provided below are phone numbers for local utility companies.

  • Houston County Water Department, 478-542-2120
  • City of Warner Robins Utilities, 478-929-1144
  • City of Centerville, 478-953-3222
  • City of Perry Utilities Department, 478-988-2742
  • Flint Electric Membership Corporation, 478-988-3500
  • Georgia Power Company, 888-660-5890


Are cellphone bills accepted as proof of residence?

Cellphone bills are not accepted as valid proof of residence.  Telephone, electric, or another utility bill that includes the physical service address of the residence is acceptable.


I rented or purchased my home within the last 30 days and have not received a utility bill.  What documentation can I provide?

A utility bill is one option for proof of residence.  In addition to your lease or mortgage, you may use any of the following: electric, water, or cable bill; automobile registration or insurance; or mail from any government agency.  If these are not yet available, contact your local utility company to obtain documentation that service is pending.  Be sure this documentation states the physical address of the residence. 


I live with someone else and do not have any utilities in my name.  What documentation do I need to provide?

You must provide proof of residence in the name of the person with whom your family resides.  The person with whom you are living will need to provide the same two items required of a parent.  In addition, if the person with whom you are residing has a lease/rental agreement, the parent and students must have a letter from the property owner, on official letterhead or notarized, stating they are permitted to live at the address OR be added to the lease as an occupant. 


An Affidavit of Residency form will also be required.  The homeowner and parent must sign and have notarized at Central Registration.


Please note; if you are moving within the State of Georgia, a utility cut-off notice or termination of the lease must be provided to document you no longer reside at your previous address.


I have misplaced my child’s Social Security card.  How do I obtain a copy?

In order to obtain a replacement Social Security Card, you must complete and submit an application at a local Social Security Administration (SSA) office.  The application process requires additional documents.  Please contact the SSA for more information at 800-772-1213 or https://www.ssa.gov/ssnumber/.


How do I obtain a Georgia Immunization Form and/or Eye, Ear, and Dental Form?

Contact a Georgia medical provider or the Houston County Health Department.  The Health Department is located at 98 Cohen Walker drive in Warner Robins and can be reached at 478-218-2000.


If you are a member of the military, you can request these forms from the Robins AFB base clinic.  You can also have the forms completed at your current duty base, as long as an active duty military doctor completes them. We do honor the military compact and you will have 30 days after registration to have these turned into the school.


Do I need to bring my student to registration?

No, children do not need to be present for the registration process.


My child is a Houston County School District student, but we are moving to a new address within the district.  Do I need to register my child for the new school?

Yes.  You will need to complete a Change of Address Form.  Please bring your completed form along with a copy of your new mortgage/lease and a recent utility bill or connect order for your new address to Central Registration.  If you cannot print the form, copies are available at the Central Registration office located at 410 Bear Country Boulevard in Warner Robins.


Before our office can process your child’s enrollment in their new school, you must withdraw them from their current school.


We are moving to a new address, but staying within the same school zone.  What do I need to do?

You will need to complete a Change of Address Form.  Please bring your completed form along with a copy of your new mortgage/lease and a recent utility bill or connect order for your new address to Central Registration.  If you cannot print the form, copies are available at the Central Registration office located at 410 Bear Country Boulevard in Warner Robins.


How do I determine which school my child will attend?

Please visit the Houston County School District Zoning webpage.  This webpage includes grade level zoning maps and an online tool, Zoning Webquery, to determine the school zone, nearest bus stops, and bus number for specific addresses.  Webquery also includes printable maps.  


In addition, Central Registration staff members are happy to assist you with any zoning questions.


What are the school times?

School times are available on the Houston County School District website at hcbe.net/schooltimes.


Where can I find a ranking of Houston County School District schools?

The Governor’s Office of Student Achievement publishes Report Cards and a School Report for all schools and districts in the state.  The district and school websites have links to the Report Cards. 


Do Houston County elementary schools offer Pre-Kindergarten?

Yes.  Admission to our Pre-K program is on a lottery-based system.  The Office of School Readiness limits total enrollment; therefore, the lottery process is for each school.  Many private schools and daycare facilities also provide state-funded Pre-K programs.


What can I do to expedite the registration process?

Follow the steps listed on our Central Registration homepage:

  • Schedule an appointment.
  • Complete the online portion of the registration process.
  • Bring all required documents with you to Central Registration for your scheduled appointment.


Where is Central Registration located?

The Central Registration office is located at 410 Bear Country Boulevard in Warner Robins, off Highway 96, next to Houston County High School.  

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