GaDOE Cancellation of All Required Spring 2020 State Assessments in

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Houston County State Assessment Calendar 2020-2021

The Assessment and Accountability Department provides support to schools for the implementation of state mandated assessments.  Since assessments are an integral part of learning and plays a key role in informing instruction, our department works directly with the Teaching and Learning Department as well as other system level departments. This department supports schools and Central Office personnel with training, data analysis, assessment use and assessment strategies.  












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1200 Main Street Bld G

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Department Staff 
Chuck Dumas, Coordinator of Assessment x10197
Steven Hornyak, Coordinator of Accountability  x10113
Dave Gibbs, System Intervention Specialistx10299
Tamara Jacobs,   Technician               x10328
Jennifer Stafford , Data Analyst                     x10186
Chris Joyner, Records Manager             x10806
Brenda Arnett, Records Secretary    x10805
Kim Green, Virtual Learning